12 Joystick USB
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If it is about inputs, I use a cheap Arcade Joystick usb board that gives me a lot of inputs for very low cost. I changed the buttons for arcade buttons with an LED in them, better quality and it looks very nice. I use the Joystick for x-y movement, but if you leave out the joystick you have another 4 inputs. Btw, using the Toggle component in your hal files for these inputs will make efficient use of the inputs. You only need one input to signal an on or off signal.

Snippet from my postgui.hal (I am using gmoccapy):

loadusr -W hal_input -KRAL DragonRise
  net Pgm-run          <= halui.program.run       <= input.0.btn-joystick
  net Pgm-stop         <= halui.program.stop      <= input.0.btn-thumb
  net Pgm-pause        <= halui.program.pause     <= input.0.btn-thumb2
  net Pgm-resume       <= halui.program.resume    <= input.0.btn-top
  net Pgm-step         <= halui.program.step      <= input.0.btn-top2[/code]

A Toggle example from my postgui.hal:

  loadrt toggle2nist names=toggle.0,toggle.1

  addf toggle.0 servo-thread
  addf toggle.1 servo-thread

#***** /Toggle
  setp hm2_7i96.0.gpio.036.is_output true ## mist

# Mist Button ########
 net mist_toggle_debounced debounce.0.0.in <= input.0.btn-pinkie  
 net mist-toggle toggle.0.in <= debounce.0.0.out
 net mist-on toggle.0.on => halui.mist.on
 net mist-off toggle.0.off => halui.mist.off
 net mist-control halui.mist.is-on => toggle.0.is-on => hm2_7i96.0.gpio.036.out[/code]

My buttonboard

Ask Jerry did a nice couple of videos on Youtube about this solution, he has many more nice videos btw.

part 1 Part 1

part 2 Part 2

JoyStick kit:


Just the USB boards:


Better buttons with LED: